Preparing you for a career in birth

•Birth Assistant

•Senior Doula

•Maternal Child Case Manager


Enhancing your career in:

•Public Health

•Social Work

•Women’s/Gender Studies




“Birth is the sudden opening of a window, through which you look out upon a stupendous prospect. For what has happened? A miracle. You have exchanged nothing for the possibility of everything.”   William MacNeile Dixon



September 2020 to October 2021



April 4 & 5 (livestream)
May 16 & 17
TBD: Orientation-Chicago Volunteer Doulas

 (must attend all 5 classes)

Maternal Child Health class list :

Advanced Labor Support Skills

Antepartum Care and Risk Screening

Antepartum Discomforts & Remedies

Case Studies in Maternal Child Health

Counseling Issues in the Childbearing Year

Cultural Competency for Birth Workers

Emergency Birth Skills and Out of Hospital Birth

Genetics and Fetal Development

Health Disparities and Community, Public and Global Health

History and Ethics of Childbirth, Midwifery and Healers

Intrapartum Basics

Lactation Education, Risk Assessment & Counseling

Maternal Diseases in Pregnancy

Medical Terminology

Newborn Basic Skills and Risk Screening

Perinatal Eduction

Perinatal Nutrition

Postpartum Physical Assessment

Postpartum Support & Risk Screening

Reproductive Anatomy & Physiology

Research & Statistics for Maternal Child Health

Topics in Infant Development

Topics in Mothering, Family and Intergenerational Relationships

Motherhood and Ecology

Wellness Care and Human Sexuality

Maternal Child Health Specialist Diploma Program: A unique opportunity to prepare for a career in birth


At Midwest Maternal Child Institute (MMCI), with classes in Chicago, we offer you a comprehensive education in birth—both classroom and clinical—that gives you the opportunity to open windows, deliver miracles and create the possibility of everything.


Why choose a Diploma in birth education?

If you are serious about preparing for a career in birth, consider MMCI’s Maternal Child Health Specialist Program. Unique in the field of birth education and approved by the Educational Approval Program of the State of Wisconsin, this rigorous program prepares you for careers as a birth assistant, senior doula, and maternal child chase manager, as well as enhancing your career in public health, social work, and women’s/gender studies.


A rich educational experience that combines coursework with hands-on labs and clinicals

MMCI offers a formal birth education that teaches the science, theory, and ethics of birth in a peer-supported learning environment, as well as requiring the hands-on clinical experience that students need to practice as professionals. From classes in Out of Hospital Birth and Perinatal Nutrition to classes in Birth Justice and Motherhood and Ecology, you will gain a holistic view of birth that will help you serve women and individuals and their communities. The learning experience combines the best of all worlds:


• Face-to-face classroom experience: Faculty facilitate a peer-supported learning environment that emphasizes integrity and compassion where students can develop the leadership, communication, and research skills required to be an effective birth worker.


• Self-paced study of distance education: Students complete readings, homework, and clinicals between monthly classes.


Programs designed to fit the way you live

MMCI’s Maternal Child Health Specialist Program meets the needs of adult learners who may have jobs or are parents: Each month, for 16 months, modules are taught at a weekend Intensive by experienced educators and providers who specialize in the module’s content.


Experienced leadership and faculty

Our founder and Academic Affairs Director, Mary Sommers, CPM, MPS is a leader in the national and international midwifery and birth field.

The work of these times is not about saving the world but in belonging to it more fully.  -Barbara Cecil