about mmci


The Midwest Maternal Child Institute (MMCI) was founded in 2007 by Mary Sommers, CPM, MPS. Originally located in Chicago, Illinois, MMCI was part of the National College of Midwifery. In 2010, MMCI became an independent educational institution with a school location in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.


MMCI is a private higher educational institution approved by the Educational Approval Board, under Wisconsin Stats. 38.50(10).


Our Mission

The Midwest Maternal Child Institute’s  mission is to train Maternal Child Health Specialists who are engaged in the larger context in which midwifery care and general health care are provided, and who will act with integrity in providing quality care to women and their families.


MMCI honors its mission by offering two high-quality, cost-effective maternal child health education programs that include didactics, clinical practicum, self-study and group discussion. MMCI offers structured learning sessions and clinical experience, focusing on teaching the core competencies of maternal-child healthcare and fostering a learning environment that honors the strengths of each student.


Our Philosophy

Maternal Child Health Specialists must:

• Be prepared to provide informed guidance to individuals during the childbearing year

• Be proficient in birth assistance techniques, labor support and postpartum doula support, childbirth education, breastfeeding education and early infant development

• Act with integrity and purpose

• Understand that it is a great honor and responsibility to serve women and individuals, their families and our communities