MMCI Programs

Certified Professional Midwife (CPM) Program

The Midwest Maternal Child Institute offers an Associate's Degree that prepares students to become a Certified Professional Midwife*. MMCI’s curriculum is designed to promote midwifery leadership and independence so students can acquire the skills and confidence that will prepare them for a midwifery career.


The MMCI CPM Program is a three-year course of study consisting of 36 learning modules taught by experienced educators and providers who specialize in the module’s content. Each month, for 36 months, a module is taught at a weekend intensive that provides an immersion experience into the fundamental theories, science, ethical considerations, and wisdom students need to practice professionally. Clinical opportunities are provided throughout the program; MMCI offers assistance in placing students with preceptors who are qualified maternity care providers who practice locally, regionally, and internationally.


The CPM learning experience combines the best of all worlds:

• face-to-face classroom experience: Faculty facilitate a peer-supported  learning environment that emphasizes integrity and compassion where students can develop the leadership, communication, and research skills required to be an effective midwife.

• self-paced study of distance education: Students complete readings and homework between monthly classes.

hands-on experience of the apprenticeship approach: Students participate in clinicals and attend births.


Graduates will need to complete the NARM’s (North American Registry of Midwives) Portfolio Evaluation Process (PEP). MMCI’s CPM Program is designed to thoroughly prepare students for the NARM exam, and we will assist graduates in organizing their portfolios for PEP (see for complete PEP process guidelines).

For more information about MMCI’s CPM Program (Prospective Students).


*Depending on the legal status of CPMs in the state in which the student resides, students may qualify for licensure. Students who reside in states where licensure is not yet available will be able to work as experienced doulas, childbirth educators, and birth assistants for Certified Nurse Midwives (CNMs) and family practice physicians, and as Maternal Child Case Managers.


Admission Requirements

MMCI accepts a maximum of 12 students for each three-year CPM class. A minimum of 8 students is required to move forward with the class.


Application deadlines

Next Program:                            TBD



Successful submission of an admission application comprises the following:

• Completion of the MMCI CPM Program admission application, which includes thoughtful, in-depth   responses to narrative questions


• A current resume/CV


• Completion of MMCI Perinatal Educator Program Workshop


• Physically and otherwise able to perform the duties required for labor support and midwifery practice


• Two passport-size photos


In addition to the above application process, applicants must also have the following mailed directly to MMCI. Failure to do so will delay your application:


• Official transcripts mailed directly from all higher education schools or universities previously attended OR  high school/GED transcripts


• Two professional or academic letters of reference attached to the reference forms, found in

Section D in the admission application, mailed directly from the person providing the reference.



Once the application process is complete, the application will be reviewed and qualified applicants will be invited to participate in a phone interview to discuss academic background, experience in birth-related areas, motivation for applying to the CPM Program and plans for time management and financing program costs.


NOTE: Completion of the admission process does not guarantee acceptance into the CPM Program.