MMCI Maternal Child Health Specialist Program Class List


Credits  Course title

2     Advanced Labor Support Skills

2    Antepartum Care and Risk Screening

1     Antepartum Discomforts and Remedies

1     Case Studies in Maternal Child Health

1     Counseling Issues in the Childbearing Year: Trauma, Informed Care & Identifying

       Health Needs

1     Cultural Competency for Birth Workers

2    Emergency Birth Skills and Out of Hospital Birth

1     Genetics and Fetal Development

1     Health Disparities and Community, Public and Global Health

1     History and Ethics of Childbirth, Midwifery and Healers

2    Intrapartum Basics

2     Lactation Education, Risk Assessment & Counseling

2     Maternal Diseases in Pregnancy

1     Medical Terminology

1     Newborn Basic Skills and Risk Screening

1     Perinatal Education

2    Perinatal Nutrition

1     Postpartum Physical Assessment

1     Postpartum Support and Risk Screening

1     Reproductive Anatomy & Physiology

1     Research & Statistics Studies in Maternal Child Health

1     Topics in Infant Development

1     Topics in Mothering, Family and Intergenerational Relationships & Motherhood

        and Ecology

1     Wellness Care and Human Sexuality



250 hrs.    Practicum/Clinicals on site