Core Faculty


Mary Sommers, CPM, MPS.


Anne Gallagher, CNM. Master’s of Science-Nursing, University of Illinois; Adjunct Faculty, West Suburban Hospital College of Nursing. Trained in the Billings Method.


Gina Marcin, CNM, L.Ac., RH AHG. An advanced practice nurse, certified nurse-midwife, registered nurse, licensed acupuncturist and professional herbalist specializing in women’s health, pregnancy, childbirth, and pain management.  Has studied Western botanical medicine and Traditional Chinese Medicine since 1998, becoming a certified medicinal herbalist in 2003, and a registered professional medical herbalist with the American Herbalists Guild since 2006.  Apothecary Director, as well as instructor for Medicine Making, Botanical Field Studies and Materia Medica classes at The Chicago College of Healing Arts from 2002-2004.


Bonnie Sommers-Olson. Women's Health Nurse Practitioner, Certified in Madison, Wisconsin, Hospitalist through the Veteran’s Administration, Associate Professor and Preceptor of Graduate Students, experience in high risk antepartum care, labor and delivery, post partum care, breastfeeding, women’s health across the lifespan and extensive experience in neonatal intensive care and pediatrics.


Gretchen Spicer, CPM LM EMT-P (retired): More than 14 years as an active CPM, attending 700 deliveries, mainly for Amish and Mennonite families.  Passionate about social justice issues in midwifery and the need to diversify both the group of women that are served by CPMs and the midwifery workforce. Out-of- Hospital Outreach Coordinator for Wisconsin State Laboratory of Hygiene ensuring all families choosing out-of-hospital delivery have access to affordable and culturally appropriate options for newborn blood, hearing and pulse oximetry screening.


Marijke van Roojen, LM CPM: More than 25 years of experience in private midwifery practice. President of the Wisconsin Guild of Midwives. Has dedicated her professional life to: perinatal health care, health access advocacy and midwifery education world-wide, and community-based mediation, restorative justice and the field of Alternative Dispute Resolution. MPH in Maternal Child Health candidate (2014) at the University of Minnesota with an emphasis on Health Outcome Disparities. Participating in a racial justice certificate program at the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs.


 AnnMarie Rian Wanzeck, CPM: Practices at BirthWise Health and Birth Center in Appleton, WI, affiliated with Beginnings and the SHINE project to provide affordable and accessible options for newborn blood, hearing and pulse oximetry screening for all babies born in out-of-hospital settings.


Adjunct Faculty


Dionne Corcoran, CPM: licensed midwife in the state of Wisconsin.


Kip Conwell, MS Microbiology. Instructor at Northeastern Illinois University.


Andrea Lee, MD. Practices in Obstetrics & Gynecology in the Chicago area.


Jill Mallory, MD: Integrative Family Physician and Lactation Consultant. Medical College of Georgia.


Windsong, LMT and Steve Moe, LMT, Wisconsin Registered Bodyworker: Moesong offers personal development retreats, individual massage and breathwork sessions and professional breathworker training.