“Birth workers know that it is both a great honor and a great responsibility to serve women, and so must act with integrity and purpose when providing care to women, individuals, and their families. A career in birth is well served by birth workers who act as servant leaders*, taking into account the larger context of a woman’s life while considering her unique individual circumstances. Through engaging in genuine dialogue with women and individuals, birth workers can develop the virtue of prudence that will aid them in making decisions about how and when to advocate for women and babies, whether it means taking a strong stand or working more quietly.”


--Mary Sommers, MMCI Founder and Director of Academic Affairs

prospective students

Prospective Maternal Child Health Specialist Students

Are you called to work in the birth field?


At MMCI, we believe working in the birth field is a calling. As such, it is very important that you as a prospective student examine and define what that means to you. Here you will find links to the nuts and bolts of the MMCI Maternal Child Health Specialist Programs, but first we ask that you consider the following questions before you begin a journey that will change you, your family, your community…and the world, one birth worker at a time.



Ask yourself…

Why do I want to work in this field?


How do my partner and other family members feel about my commitment to become a Maternal Child Health Specialist?


How will I support myself financially while I study?


What is the status of my health?


What are my daily/weekly/monthly commitments outside of the MMCI Maternal Child Health Specialist Program, and how will I balance those commitments with participating in the Program?


Answering these questions will help you better plan for a rewarding and challenging learning experience in the MMCI Maternal Child Health Specialist Program.


*The servant leader serves the people she leads. In the birth field this means that birth workers as servant leaders look after the needs of their clients, helping them to reach their full potential as women giving birth. This type of leadership rejects the self-serving, domineering style of leadership, and instead encourages us to think harder about how to respect, value and motivate the women and families in their care.



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