Maternal Child Health Specialist Diploma Program







Tuition: $2,725


Other Fees and Expenses:


Books, media & materials: up to $500*


Malpractice for doula insurance (if applicable): $100 annually


Total cost of Maternal Child Health Specialist Program: $3,225




Housing: Students must make their own housing arrangements while attending monthly classes.


Incidental administration charges: NSF check return $30


*This expense may change due to increased prices of materials, which are beyond MMCI’s control.



Payment and Terms

Students may make one payment or quarterly payments.


Sample payment schedule:

Deposit:      $325

Quarter 1:   $600

Quarter 2:   $600

Quarter 3:   $600

Quarter 4:   $600


Scholarships may be offered depending on availability of funds.


NOTE: MMCI will only refund fees and expenses paid directly to MMCI. MMCI will not refund those fees and expenses paid to other parties.



Students are expected to be present for each monthly class. Students are expected to pay on a quarterly basis, and payment must be received prior to each class before the first day of the month the payment is due. Students are required to pay for each class even if they are unable to attend, and must arrange to make up any portion of the class missed. If a student is absent for more than two classes during the academic year, the student must repeat the year or adhere to an academic completion plan determined by the Academic Affairs Director. The student will be required to pay the full tuition cost for each class missed. All fees must be paid by personal check, cashier’s check or money order. MMCI does not accept credit or debit cards


 Perinatal Educator Certificate Program

Tuition: $450 + cost of required readings


Tuition and fees