Tuition and fees


CPM Associate Degree Program Projected Cost



Tuition per class module: $450                           $16,200


Other Fees and Expenses

Books, media & materials                                  $1,200 (this is an approximate cost)

Malpractice for doula insurance (if applicable)   $100 annually

Travel/housing for internship                             (varies depending on clinical site)


Total Cost for CPM Program:                          $17,400

Incidental administration charges

Transcript requests                                            $15 (each transcript)

NSF check return                                              $30


Payment and Terms

Students are expected to be present for each module. Students are expected to pay on a module-by-module basis, and payment must be received before the first day of the month in which the class is held. As an alternative, students may pay the annual fees in four installments. Students are required to pay for each module even if they are unable to attend, and must arrange to make up the module. If a student is absent for three modules during an academic year, the student must repeat the year and pay the full tuition cost for each module missed. Students with advanced standing do not need to pay for modules for which they were previously granted credit for completion. All fees must be paid by personal check, cashier's check or money order.



See MMCI catalog for Refund Policy.